November 12, 2008

About this blog

Welcome to this blog created by Fabricio González-Andrade, physician and researcher born in Quito, (Ecuador). This space is intended to share my thoughts about  science and medicine. If you want to know something about me, Google Scholar gives a list of my most representatives papers.

My research interest is the biomedical field, with emphasis in Genetics, Forensic Medicine, Internal Medicine and Public Health. I will publish in this space some little essays, book comments, interesting news and abstracts about various topics on research. I would like to write a post every week but by now, its not possible. I will do my best to post something frequently. I hope you enjoy this Blog!

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License. You may cite, quote, or reproduce articles on this site for non-commercial purposes, provided that you attribute them to Fabricio Gonzalez and provide a link either to the main page of this blog or to the individual blog entry you are referring to.